Make your new home PLUG & PLAY

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During the building of your new home take a moment and reflect on how you live :

Do you have a home office ?

Are you using SMART TV's ?

Is Surround Sound being installed ?

Do I require a WIFI signal booster ?

Where am I placing my security cameras ?

How many data jacks is the builder providing ?

Is data and power cabling provided for my wall mount TV's ?

What comes with my home ...


Typically new home auxillary (low voltage) wiring covers your basic needs. Some phone, maybe data,  but certainly not cameras, WIFI , audio or video.

AND REMEMBER ... you may be thinking that all your items are wireless and therefore no more cabling is required. 

BE CAREFUL ... most wireless devices, unless battery powered, require some form of AC/DC power adapter. Devices like wireless cameras, wireless security keypads, WIFI boosters, and wireless speakers all require an EXTERNAL power adapter.

Meet with us ...


Give us a call and book an appointment to review your requirements. Even if its only to confirm your builder has you covered. 

A few minutes of planning can save you from a mess of cables hanging down your walls!

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