Security & Home Automation

Secure It!


Start with the basics. Protect your home with an intrusion system that has the ability to grow with your needs!

Our intrusion systems offer remote control with an easy to use phone app. 

Receive notifications of alarms, door or window openings, video door bell activation and more!

We enjoy house calls, so book one today to learn more about the systems we offer! 

Automate It!


Put our systems to work for you! Have your lights turn on or off at scheduled times, cool or heat your home to perfection, turn appliances on or off.

Simply add the right device to control what you need. Light switches, receptacles, thermostats, garage door control we can do it all. A great phone app lets you manage everything at your finger tips. 

We will help you build the schedules you want, teach you how to tweak them, then the system does the rest!

It truly is that easy!!!

Monitor It!


Know whats happening when you want.

Cameras and image sensors seamlessly integrate into our systems and provide insight into your home whenever you want.

Have an image taken when the system is disarmed, "peek in" whenever you like, watch live video at the the touch of a button. 

Wireless cameras offer indoor, outdoor, fixed, and remote pan / tilt!

Motion detectors that act as cameras catch still images whenever you want. 

These video options are a fantastic addition to any system!